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Elgan W2®, a sustainable solution for water waste

Elgan W2® is fast, effective, economical and easy to use – the perfect solution to your water/sewage and oxygen problems.

1. Deodorization.

A reduction in bad smells in your water and sewage systems, and indeed throughout your entire system, will be noted after just a few months of using Elgan W2®. Treatments can be pre- or post-centrifuge, depending on the specific problem of the customer – each system has its particular advantages.

With regard to action times, a reduction in bad smells will be noted from the first week of application and will stabilise after a period of about one month. Our solution is both fast and effective.

2. Reduces ventilation volume.

An increase in decomposition of organic matter reduces the volume of oxygen required for oxidation. In some cases mechanical ventilation may be used exclusively for the purposes of improving the uniformity of the water supply. We guarantee you will not have to use liquid oxygen again.

The biological balance required to reduce O2 (liquid or mechanical) will be noted from the fourth month of treatment and will firmly establish itself after about six months.

3. Reduction of COD and BOD.

COD and BOD are reduced thanks to the effective micro-organic decomposition action of Elgan W2®, which reduces particle size, thereby generating and aiding a reduction in COD and BOD.