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Saving space

Then the mixture is shaped into compost piles for fermentation in conventional or large size (depending on the target). In any case the piles should be kept static for 6 weeks.
In a conventional process the piles would be kept without oxygen. With microbes the oxygenic photosynthesis process generated by the microbiology enables the contribution of oxygen needed to the process (we´ll always keep the piles about 10%). In layman´s terms, the combination of carbon dioxide with water to make sugar gives off oxygen.
2.b. Construction of the piles/plateaus
Conventional piles that are in the fermentation stage: timing 6 weeks without turning over during the process of fermentation, every 15 days in maturation stage for 3 months. 
Conventional piles:

Plateaus: This pile format allows the optimum use of microbes. There is the possibility of making piles which will double the size of the unit (that is to say 12,000 tons of compost).
Once microbes have been introduced it is safe to build larger plateaus.
Timing of turn over: 6 weeks without turn over during the process of fermentation, every 15 days in maturation for 3 months. 
Example of plateau plies: